FIVE Most Important Tasks When Planning Your Office Move

FIVE Most Important Tasks When Planning Your Office Move

Pick Your Moving Date 

Choosing a move date should be done as soon as possible and be based on the following:

  • If renovating before your move, ensure your general contractor has ample time to complete the office build-out. This would typically be a minimum of 3 months.
  • If ordering new furniture, allow ample lead time for furniture order, delivery and installation. This would typically be a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • Check with your business units to choose a date that isn’t during critical periods. For example, your Accounting Department and year end or quarterly reporting periods.
  • Confirm with your Landlord that the loading dock and service elevator are available and that the moving truck will fit into the loading dock.
  • IT requirements.

Hire A Reputable Moving Company

At least 8 weeks prior to your move date, you should be contacting movers to confirm availability. Invite 3 firms to simultaneously walk your space. Provide a clear list of the items you will be moving. Listen to what the Movers highlight, they can be a wealth of knowledge. After the walk-thru, send a list of exactly what you want them to quote. Hire a Mover that:

  • Can supply bins, moving labels, computer bags and security ties.
  • Is familiar with your building.
  • Have installers that are familiar with your furniture – especially your workstations.
  • Provide references that you can contact.

Communicate With Your Staff

Provide your staff with clear communications including:

  • Your move date.
  • Move instructions.
  • Once approved, show staff where they will be seated in the new space.
  • Pick department leads to help spread the word and provide details on their department critical move needs.

Work With Your Landlord

Remember; with most moves, you have two Landlords.

  • Obtain your Landlord’s Tenant Operations Manual.
  • Know the time(s) that moves are allowed in your building.
  • Confirm bookings a month prior to move date.
  • Let them know the Movers you have chosen and provide the Moving Firm’s COI and WSIB

Hire a Move Professional

If the above seems overwhelming, hire a Move Professional from Ellington Tenant and Facilities Services to manage your Move. Even if it seems straightforward, do you have the resources to manage the numerous tasks?  Let Ellington smoothly get you from your current office to your future office.

Okay, this is four tips and one shameless plug.